Texas District Court injunction against executive actions (February 2015) and aftermath


June 2016 Supreme Court (split decision: injunction holds)


May 2015 Court of appeals (upholds injunction):

From NY Times (May 27): 2 of 3 judges in the US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, New Orleans, ruled to leave in place the Feb. 2015 injunction.


February 2015 ruling:

Ruling on a suit supported by 26 states, Texas Federal District Court Judge Andrew S. Hanen found, on February 16, 2015, that those states had standing to challenge President Obama's November 20, 2014 executive actions on immigration. The judge issued a "temporary injunction" to block implementation of the Deferred Action for Parental Parental Authority program announced the previous November. An appeal of the ruling is considered likely.


Pdf of the February 16, 2015 ruling:

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