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The Business of Transatlantic Migration between Europe and the United States, 1900-1914:



"An excellent study, extremely informative, compellingly written, showing how bringing together very different sources can enrich

our understanding of early twentieth-century migration."

  German History (2015)


"An innovative approach...accessible to the general reader as well as the seasoned scholar...A major contribution in the fields of business history, immigration history and shipping history."

  Northern Mariner (2015)


"Reconcile[s] economic and psychological interpretations of migration... concentrating on risk avoidance rather than cost-cutting or greed."

  Economic History Review (2015)


"A well-rounded, comprehensively contextualized, fine-grained historical account of the opportunities and hazards of transnational migration in a period of unprecedented globalization."

  The Great Circle (December 2014)


"Meticulously researched study, based on materials from a dozen archives across Europe and North America...fills an important gap."

  Schweizerische Zeitschrift  für Geschichte (December 2014)


"A fabulous reference...Atlantic, business, maritime, migration and transportation historians of this world need to pay attention to this book."

  Journal of Transport History (December 2014)


"It strikes one as peculiar that such a phenomenal financial enterprise would go so long without someone to give it a proper business history treatment. Now, at last, we have it...Keeling consistently traces the dynamics of migrants, shippers, and government regulators."

  Journal of American Ethnic History (Fall 2014)


"Careful analysis and adroit explanation of the rich data compiled [and] comprehensive discussion...of the relationship of migrants to carriers."
   Journal of American History (Fall 2014)


"A fascinating study...complements many prior investigations of transatlantic migration by adding in important risk management

factors involving the steamship companies."
   Historische Zeitschrift (October 2014)


"A triumph of business history, [also] useful to labor historians, historians of diaspora, and economists looking for real-world case studies with which to test theoretical models. Sets transatlantic cartels in a context that makes clear [migrants would] make major life changes [relocating] whether or not massive steamship empires existed."
   American Historical Review (June 2014)


"Well-written and thorough...useful for anyone

 in business or migration history."
   Enterprise & Society  (June 2014)

"Will be of exceptional utility to future scholars. Keeling’s 

 encyclopedic knowledge of sources and his ability to

 synthesize them are on brilliant display."
   eh-net  (May 2014)


"A model for scholars attempting to blend quantitative and  

 narrative history that should stand for years to come."

   Journal of American Studies  (April 2014)


"Combines elements of social history, economic history,

 and business history to analyze a complex historical  

 development...belongs in everybody's research library."
   International Review of Social History  (April 2014)

"A convincing portrait of one of the biggest industries of the time...

 A treasure trove of new material."
    Central European History  (March 2014)


"An accessible account of the migration business...compellingly 

 examines motives and actions of important personages..."
   Journal of Interdisciplinary History  (March 2014)


"A wealth of statistics and information."

   Vierteljahreschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte

  (September 2013)


"A terrific business history with lots of fascinating detail

 about the steamship companies, their business strategies,

 their interactions with governments, and their risk-mitigation efforts."

   The Enlightened Economist   (September 2013)


"A 'must-read' for any historian interested in international migration." 

   International Journal of Maritime History  (June 2013)



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