Each page of this website has just one dedicated spot on the site. A link to the sitemap is at the bottom of every page, and if you go there you get a full clickable list of all the pages.


The site's pages are organized on three levels

- Top level pages are listed by name in white letters in the black horizontal rectangle above. (This horizontal rectangle appears on every page of the site). 19 top level pages are listed there, from Home (upper left of that rectangle) to Contact (lower right).

- Each middle level page is assigned to a top level page. Each bottom level page is assigned to a middle level page. Most top level pages have an associated "family" of middle level pages, or middle and bottom level pages.

- Middle level pages appear (listed below the black rectangle and to the left) whenever one is on a page belonging to that family.

- For example, when reading this text here, you are on the middle level page, "Navigation Tips" (which is part of the family of the top level page "Misc"). On the list to the left below the horizontal black box, "Navigation Tips" shows as bold text, because that is where you currently are. In addition, because that page is part of the "Misc" family, the "Misc" name also shows up now as bold within the black horizontal rectangle of top level pages above.


Moving between pages

- To go to a top level page, you can always just lick on that page's name in the black horizontal rectangle. That box of top level pages appears on EVERY page of the site.

- To go to a middle level page, first click on the top level page to which your desired page is assigned. Then all the middle level pages in that family will show at the left below the black horizontal box. Find the page name you want in the list, and click on it.

- To go to a bottom level page, first click on the middle level page that it is associated with. Then all bottom level pages, including the one you are looking for, will appear under that middle level page in the list on the left of the screen (If you get lost, go to Sitemap, and find and click there directly on the page you want).

- For example, to go to the (middle level) page for Lusitania, you can first click on the top level name "Ships" in the black rectangle, and THEN click on Lusitania, which will have appeared below the black rectangle to the left.

- To find a middle or bottom level page, you can click on Sitemap (bottom of every page) for an overview of all pages. You can also go directly to any page of the site by clicking its name on the Sitemap.


There are also a number of cross-referenced clickable links embedded with the text of the various pages. Here are five examples of that, right here:



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