"Titanic sinks in real time"

Realistically looking and timed video from Titanic Honor and Glory vintage game and demo site. Further information.


Titanic objects part of 2018 Victoria & Albert museum exhibit


"10 Mistakes That Sank The Titanic"

from Channel 5 (UK), May, 2020

Potentially significant "mistakes" infrequently highlighted elsewhere:

a) Sister ship Olympic surviving being rammed (due to its watertight bulkheads) may have led its captain to be less cautious (than otherwise) seven months later when he captained Titanic.

b) A fire in one of the coal storage bins, may have weakened the nearby bulkhead

c) Some iceberg warnings were not delivered to Titanic's captain

d) Titanic's lookouts lacked binoculars with which they might have spotted the iceberg sooner.


Titanic Band Memorial Concert

Royal Albert Hall, May 24, 1912

Edward Elgar, Thomas Beecham, et. al. conducting 473 musicians ("the greatest professional orchestra ever assembled") including members of the London Symphony Orchestra which "had been booked on the Titanic to take them for a three week tour of the US and Canada, but due to rescheduling of concerts, they had to leave a week earlier than planned."

The audience of 7750 heard works of Mendelsohn, Chopin, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Sullivan. At the conclusion of the program, when

"the whole auditorium rose like a congregation to sing Nearer My God to Thee...nearly everyone present was in tears."


Titanic: Music as heard on the fateful voyage

(Wait for the music, which starts at about 0:28 in this video.)

"Merry Widow Waltz" and other popular melodies of a century ago. The entire Rhino Records CD, featuring Ian Whitcomb and five other musicians playing in reasonably contemporary arrangements and style, and the accompanying booklet, can also be recommended.


Songs about Titanic from Smithsonian 'On the Water' exhibit

(scroll down to "A Disaster in Song, 1912)


National Geographic: 100th anniversary of Titanic


Titanic Historical Society



A short list of Titanic books and a text excerpt are here