January 2024:

New policy statement regarding artificial intelligence systems added to the Home Page.



June 2023:

Updates to several pages within Migration Today.


August 2021:

Considerable updates to several pages within the Migration Today section.


July 2020:

Updates to the Articles section


August 2018:

The email service here (and listed at the bottom of this page) was not working for four days (Aug. 23-26). The problem apparently came from system difficulties at the Rackspace company (to which Jimdo, the main site provider, has recently subcontracted the operation of Jimdo's web mail) but was fixed within a few days.


September 2017:

Updates (under "Migration Today") to US Immigration Reform debates

and to US-Mexico border barriers. Also updates to articles lists.


February 2016:

Migrant smuggling issues and developments moved from Contemporary Migration Processes to a new page just on smuggling.


September, 2015:

Added coverage of Europe's conundra with refugees coming into and through it.


June, 2015:

Upon the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this month, a new analysis of some implications for mass migration and migration travel.


November, 2014:

A new page on the broader migration and migration policy context of the Berlin Wall, which came to an end 25 years ago this month.


July, 2014:

Added new content and links (here and here) to new commentaries on the beginning of World War I and the end of mostly unrestricted cross-border migration.


February, 2014:

Commentaries on Feb. 9 Swiss vote on immigration from the EU are posted, and also linked to here, here (in German) and here. Further background information here


November, 2013:

The site was inaccessible for a few hours on the 26th. The hosting service, Jimdo, has made assurances that this is an infrequent problem.


September, 2013:

Reviews of the book have started to appear. They are summarized and referenced here.


July, 2013:

New content has been added to the Data, Articles, and Migration Processes sections. "In Immigration debate, echoes of Ellis Island" was published by the Los Angeles Times on its July 4th op-ed page (on-line version here.)  Supplemental remarks not included in the newspaper column are collected here.


May, 2013:

Articles related to the business of transatlantic migration are now separately listed here. Additional content has also been added to the Titanic and World War I sections. The Business of Transatlantic Migration is now listed by WorldCat.  Libraries holding the book


January, 2013:

Additional background added to the "Immigrant Ancestors" section.


December, 2012:
The book The Business of Transatlantic Migration is now published and available through the website of the publisher, Chronos. An information sheet for the book is downloadable here: About the book



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