Corrections and updates to book


"Business of Transatlantic Migration"




p. xi:

“Hebert” should read “Herbert,” "Schrag" should re "Schragge"


p. 82, first paragraph:

"rather than leaving" should read "leaving"


p. 97, Figure 3-1, “Subtotals”:

 “18 NDLV+CGT” should be equal to 8+9+10+11 (Not 15+9+10)


p. 136, Table 4-3:

"drain upon of" should read "drain of"


p. 161:

“none of the wrong sort” should read

“none whatever of the wrong sort”


p. 168, note 97:

"twelve" should be "ten"


p. 250, note 97:

“two days before Roosevelt’s letter” should read

“one month after Roosevelt’s letter”


p. 334: “Vernon Brown, 100” should read “Vernon Brown, 140”


p. 340: “Morgan, James Pierpont” should read “Morgan, John Pierpont”



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