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"Last migrating shepherd of the Indian Himalayas" (Telegraph, 29 May)

"Least talked-about" migrant crisis (Venez. to Columbia) (NPR, 21 Feb)

Illegal US immigration to Mexico (Economist, 10 Feb)

Memories from a US border patrol agent (NPR (F. Cantu), 6 Feb)

France plans tighter rules on migration, asylum (Economist, 13 Jan)



Slovakia: increased migration from Serbia (Economist, 16 Sep)

Denmark: family planning aid helps lower migr. pressure (BBC, 13 Jul)

Uganda's refugee policy model (NZZ, 25 Apr (in German))

Hamid's "Exit West" (review) (NY Times, 7 Mar)

End to wet foot, dry foot [Cuba] (Economist, 21 Jan)



Flight from Venezuela to Curaçao (NY Times, 25 Nov)

Low, but immigration to Japan on increase (Economist, 20 Aug)

41 million internally displaced in 2015 (record) (VOA, 11 May)

New European Migrant Smuggling Center (Europol, 22 Feb)



(Pew) Net 15% flow, US to Mexico, 2009-14 (NY Times, 20 Nov)

Sao Paolo Exhibit: faces of Brazilian Immigrants (ANBA, 6 Nov)

Stranded in Budapest  (NY Times, 2 Sept)

Rohingyas from Myanmar  (Economist, 23 May)

Refugee stowaways on ferry that caught fire  (MaritEx, 1 Jan)



"Worst refugee crisis" since World War II (Economist, 13 Dec) Spain's entrepreneurship visa (NY Times, 23 Nov)

Canada lets local governments pick immigrants (CFR, 6 Aug)

More funds for US-Mex. border control? (SanDiego UT, 8 July)

Response to influx of Cent-Am children (NY Times, 28 June)

Central American children to the USA  (NY Times, 25 June)

"The Way North" (Immigration along I-35)  (NY Times, 25 May)

"First step...is for more immigrants to vote" (NY Times, 22 May)

25 years since iron curtain pierced  (Landbote (German) 2 May)

Switzerland overturns its immigration policy toward EU (9 Feb)

"America's Deportation Machine" (Economist, 9 Feb)

"Refugee roulette" (NY Times, 2 Feb)

Canadian Calm (Economist, 18 Jan)


Immigration and high one-way airfares to UK (etn, 29 Dec)

Haitian emigrants vs Bahamas (Miami Herald, 28 Nov)

Mexico, new land of opportunity (NY Times, 21 Sep)

Israel's immigrants from East Africa (NY Times, 19 Sep)

Legally self-employed illegal immigrants (LA Times, 14 Sep)

Video game about migration bureaucracy (Boston Globe, 17 Aug)

Russia rounds up unusual suspects  (NY Times, 13 Aug)

Australia's Papua New Guinea solution (NY Times, 19 July)

Saudia Arabia's Nitiqat Law impacts Indian workers (ET, 9 May)

South Korea's rising use of foreign workers (Bloomberg, 21 Feb)



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