Comments on the book



        Drew Keeling


        The Business of Transatlantic

        Migration between Europe

        and the United States, 1900-1914


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            From the back cover:


Here we find an old and much-traversed topic of economic history, but examined with a totally new approach…the literal process of migration, and the business that made it possible. This broad definition allows Keeling to set straight the record on all sorts of things that historians of migration as conventionally understood have asserted without proof thus far.

  - Anne McCants, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Keeling’s impressive study on how and why millions of Europeans crossed to the United States between 1900 and 1914 works because he writes about migrants and transport in equal doses.

   - Michael Miller, University of Miami


The research here is broad-based, multinational and extremely impressive. The level of the analysis and the insights provided throughout suggest strongly that it will have an important impact among a wide variety of scholars. The book takes a mass of evidence and makes it comprehensible. This is no small achievement.

  - Lewis R. Fischer, 

      Memorial University of Newfoundland