"An immigration deal forged in the center" to "fix the system" and "drain the poison from our politics."


    "The Immigration Debate", Think Centered, Issue 1

     The New Center (William Galston, William Kristol),

     November 13, 2018



-The last comprehensive immigration reform bill in the USA was in 1965.


-19% of all international migrants now (2018) live in the USA (4% of world popul.).

-Immigrants are now (2018) about 15% of US population, matching prior 1910 peak.


-Immigration is a net economic plus to USA, but benefits+costs unevenly distributed.

-Half of US start-up businesses worth $1 billion or more were founded by immigrants.


-12% of legal immig. to USA is justified by employment (Canada 32%, Austral. 62%).


-Number of illegal immigrants in USA quadrupled 1990-2007, but has been flat since.

-Mexicans were 98% of illegal inflows in 2000, 53% in 2017 (42% central American).

-Half of unauthorized crossings are over a 320 mile stretch of Rio Grande river.

-About 40% of the c. 2000 mile southern border of the USA is now fenced.


Public opinion

-Large majorities support 'DACA', 'Dreamer', E-verify elements of recent proposals.

-About half support increased fencing on the US-Mexico border.


Proposed approach

"The only path forward is a sensible and comprehensive compromise in the center":


-Make legal immigration more merit-based.

-In addition to border fencing: electron. sensors & better entry portal infrastructure.

-Internal enforcement focused on E-verify and tougher curbs on visa overstays.

-"Registered provisional immigrant status" as citizenship path for the undocumented.

-DACA, green cards cards for dreamers.


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