Immigration Overhaul Proposals in Congress, 2013-14

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Schumer supports House discharge petition

(New York Times, Feb. 14, 2014)


Citizenship path for 6.5 million instead of 8 million?

(NY Times blog, Jan. 14. 2014, re National Found. for Am. Policy study)


Republican "Principles" List

(Los Angeles Times, Jan. 9, 2014)


To act soon or not to act soon

(New York Times, Nov. 9, 2013)


"Conservative" vs "Conservative," part 2

(New York Times, Oct. 29, 2013)


"Conservative" vs "Conservative," part 1

(New York Times, Oct. 26, 2013)


Summary of HR 15 (introduced Oct. 2013 / parallel to S. 744)

(Immigration Policy Center summary. More details: see here and here)


Dilemmas for California House Republicans

(New York Times, Sept. 7, 2013)


The House's turn

(New York Times, July 7, 2013)


Senate passes bill with 2/3 majority

(New York Times, June, 2013)


Proposed amendments to immigration reform bill

(New York Times, June, 2013)


Gang of 8 bill passes Senate Judiciary Committee

(New York Times, May, 2013)


Summary of the U.S. Senate immigration bill, "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act" (S.R. 744)

( from Congressional Research Service )


Sponsor: Schumer [NY] (introduced April 16, 2013), 7 co-sponsors
Related Bills: H.R.490S.223S.616
Result: Passed Senate by 68 - 32 on June 17, 2013


Bill summary: (see here)


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