Trump's executive order on border (25-Jan-17)


From the text (executive order 13767):



§3  Definitions


(e) "Wall" shall mean a contiguous, physical wall obtain or other similarly  

       secure, contiguous, and impassable physical barrier.



§4  The Secretary [of Homeland Security] shall immediately take the

      following steps to obtain complete operational control, as

      determined by the Secretary, of the southern border:


(a)  In accordance with existing law, including the Secure Fence Act and

       IIRIRA, take all appropriate steps to immediately plan, design, and

       construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate

       materials and technology…


(b)  Identify and, to the extent permitted by law, allocate all sources of

      Federal funds for the planning, designing, and constructing of a   

      physical wall along the southern border;


(c)  Project and develop long-term funding requirements for the wall...


(d)  Produce a comprehensive study of the security of the southern

      border, to be completed within 180 days of this order [including

      security, geophysical and topographical aspects availability of Federal

      and State resources, etc.]



       From: Washington Post,  January 26, 2017