Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act

On August 7, 2018, Arizona freshman House of Representatives member Andy Biggs (apparently a $10 million recipient of a Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes winner in the 1990s, before "retiring" from being a "general practice" attorney, and entering state politics in 2003), introduced the Fund and Complete the Border Wall bill.


The principal feature of the bill is the creation of a "Secure the Southern Border" fund. Monies in the fund are to be used only for

(a) planning, building and maintaining barriers along the US-Mexico border and

(b) US Border Patrol vehicle and equipment.

It is to be funded by

(i) a $2000 fee on each apprehended alien illegally crossing the US-Mexico border, taken as deduction in foreign aid to that alien's country of nationality, and

(ii) a 5% fee on each international remittance from US, collected by the transfer provider.


The bill also amends the 1996 IIRAIRA law so as to expedite construction of  US-Mexico border barriers.


As of September, 2018, it has 12 Republican co-sponsors, but has yet to be acted upon at the committee level. Two Republican senators (Corker, Cornyn) have expressed skepticism. The Govtrack site gives it a 2% chance of passage.


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