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"Costs, Risks and Migration Networks...1900-1914"

“Repeat Migration between Europe and the United States, 1870-1914.”

“Amerikanische Arbeitsmärkte und die Einwanderung, 1700-1914.”

“North Atlantic Shipping Cartels and the effects of the 1904 Fare War...”

“Return Migration from the United States to Europe...1907-1908.”

“Patterns and Processes of Migration.”

“Improvement of Travel Conditions for Migrants [on the] North Atlantic, 1900-1914”

“First Cabin Fares From New York to the British Isles, 1826-1914”


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“Transatlantic Shipping Cartels and Migration between Europe and America,

1880-1914.” (1999), pp. 195-213.  Try here.  Note: In the print version of this article, the abstract is erroneously truncated. For the full abstract go here.

The Transportation Revolution and Transatlantic Migration, 1850-1914.” (1999)

Transport Capacity Management and Transatlantic Migration, 1900-1914.” (2008)

“The Voyage Abstracts of the Cunard Line as a Source of Transatlantic Passenger

    Fares, 1883-1914.” (2008)   Inquire here.



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