Leading North Atlantic passenger steamships, 1900-14

Over this decade and a half, these ten ships (2% of all vessels) made 12% of the voyages, provided 12% of the passenger capacity, and carried 13% of the second and third class passengers from Europe to New York and back again. [Roughly similar percentages apply to the passenger traffic between Europe and the four largest U.S. ports (New York and Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore): there the ten most-travelled on ships accounted for 8% of voyages, 9% of capacity and 12% of steerage and 2nd class passengers. The same ship ranking applies, except that Cunard's two popular Boston route ships, Ivernia and Saxonia were 2nd and 4th on the list.]   Source: Voyage Database.

  First   2nd & 3rd Class
SHIP Year  LINE Passengers (thousands)
Kaiser Wilhelm dG 1897  North German 255
Ivernia 1900  Cunard 243
Oceanic 1900  White Star 238
Saxonia 1900  Cunard 236
Vaderland 1900  Red Star 235
Amerika 1905  Hamburg Amer 232
Kaiserin Aug. Vikt. 1906  Hamburg Amer 230
Kroonland 1902  Red Star 222
Campania 1897  Cunard 221
Pennsylvania 1896  Hamburg Amer 219

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